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Who we are ?

The world is fast becoming one big village. Brilliant ideas are sprouting up every moment, entrepreneurs are budding up from all parts of the society and the need of the hour is to try and all these individual ideas/dreams to echo through this fast paced world, which right now is hurtling through its greatest transition period since the discovery of fire and wheel. We are living in the digital age and the right place to launch our dreams, passions and ambitions with our presence in the e-Space.

It is with this endeavour of getting every noteworthy idea or dream on the digital map and getting every entrepreneur online that Pentafox Technolgies Private Limited was incorporated. In a nutshell, we are here to build the digital launch pad to your enterprise.

We are here to digitalize your dreams.

Our Team.

We at PentaFox, strive to change the way of design methodologies. We devise digital product services to cater the needs of clients with a BOT (Build, Operate and Transform) model for efficient knowledge transfer. We have a young and dedicated team committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction. The founding members are a mix of four techies and a number cruncher.

Our working process.

Ideation to Sketch

You dream of taking your product or service to customers unhindered by geographical constraints and you pledge to bounce your creation to the world. At this stage, you share with us, your idea/dream and we brainstorm to find out the most economically, technologically and operationally viable digital platform that can be designed to reach your product or service to the world. We get to know you and understand your requirements. After understanding and brainstorming about the needs, target audience, timelines, deliverables, budget, etc., we ideate and create a basic skeleton of the digital platform.

Design to Line of Code

Once you give thumbs up to the basic structure of the digital platform (website, mobile application, software, other digital tools) which is your requirement, we go back to our digital drawing board and get down to some serious U/I designing business. In this stage, we create a proof of concept and show you how your digital platform will look like. We redo this as many times as necessary to get the most accurate picture of your requirement. After all, your dream is our dream too. Your idea which was so far only existent in the form of a thought/wish/aspiration has now disappeared and is about to take a new form.

The Final Launch

Now, we all know that making things disappear and promising that they are about to change form alone is not enough. This is why we have the most important stage, the third stage. We go back to the drawing table and code passionately to bring back what you visualized and dreamt about in a classy, tasteful and handsome digital form. Say ahoy, to your business, now available online.

We Work With.

Cutting edge technology frameworks are being used to redesign the user experience.

What we do ?

e-Space or mobile Apps or Softwares, we have all under a single deck.

Web design and development

Web Design and Development services are provided in three packages namely, Static, Dynamic and Custom web apps. The team has a wide experience in web design and development spread over various platforms and clients. The expertise is endless with over 20+ domains like HTML5, JS, Jquery, Node.js, Express.js, Angular.js, MySQL, PHP, MongoDB, React, PostgreSQL, Bootstrap, Foundation etc....

Mobile Apps

App development services for Android. The team is experienced with developing Educational, Booking, Retail listing, Tutorial apps and Internal chat apps.

Multimedia Services

Design services like Digital magazine works, logo design services, Movie editing services, Digital Art works and Digital Portfolios. We have a team experienced over Illustrator, Photoshop, Nuke, Edius, After Effects, Coral Draw and many more...

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Rank yourself high in the results of the Search Engines. Get known to the globe with optimizations to your website content. Metrics, Content and keywords to put you top on the search map.

Data Analytics

Do you wanna predict where you stand in the Business Market ? Get us onboard to Analyse, Understand and Model your business data to predict the points of improvement.

Computer Vision

Intelligent Educational packages for smart learning and computer vision applications using OpenCV, Unity, Python, C++ are custom developed based on Client Requirements.

Why choose us ?

A right decsion takes you to greater heights.

100% Responsive

The websites are Bootstrapped to be cross-browser and cross-device compatible.

Easy to Customize

Comfortable Admin Dashboards to manage, edit and have control over your whole Web/App suite.

99.9% Uptime

Be online 24*7 guaranteed with our live server Infrastructure.

24/7 Support

Reach us out whenever you need with our team of good support engineers.

SEO Optimized

Stand out in the crowd with our top quality SEO service.

100% Bug Free

With the professional code quality and strong test cases the application is made Bug free..

All Browser Support

Works with all browsers with our cross-browser compatibilty lines of code.

Easy to Navigate

Brace yourself to get the best User eXperience.


Get in touch.

Reach us out anytime for a better design solution.

Contact details

No.18, Ist Floor, Kattabomman Cross street,
Radhanagar Main Road,
Chromepet, Chennai - 600 044.

+91 44 42124479



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